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Feb 29
Khrehatik 17 for EURO 2012 Daily Rent in Kiev

Can it get any better? The finest apartment for daily rent in Kiev! Let the photos speak for them selves. Price  for this apartment for EURO 2012 is 1800$ per night. BOOK THIS APARTMENT

Khreshatik 13 Daily Rent for EURO 2012

Another classy apartment we’d like to offer for daily rent in Kiev for EURO 2012 is Kreshatik 13 . Ones again this apartment wins competition in style, comfort  and location compared to hotels in Kiev. Just take a look at picture gallery and decide for yourself. Price for EURO 2012 is 1600$ per night. BOOK […]

Kreshatik 23 for EURO 2012 daily rent

Greetings!!! We are happy to announce that we have started to receive bookings for UEFA EURO 2012 CHAMPIONSHIP that will take place in Kiev as well as in other cities in Ukraine. We offer the very best apartments for daily rent in Kiev downtown for June 2012. If you are looking for the most unique […]

Feb 28
Spectacular House

Spectacular House Surrounded By Moat This castle style residence, complete with a huge beautiful surrounding moat, is the work of renowned architect Charles Sieger, of The Sieger Suarez Group. This Miami dream castle is designed in perfect symmetry most wondrously appreciated from the air, with aerial views showing the property perfectly central to the shimmering […]